Square Room Scraps BBQ, Sounds Off

Knoxville's trendy venue, The Square Room, ditched its Blues, Brews, and BBQ weekly promotion. To comfort those lamenting the loss of discounted beer and barbecue stains, a new monthly event is set to take place.

The Sound Off pits five acts against each other in a competition on the first Wednesday night of every month. Starting October 7, 2009, a panel of celebrity judges and the crowd's reaction determines which act will advance to the next round.

The best five acts will compete in a final competition on March 3, 2010. The winner will receive studio time, a produced EP, custom merchandise, up to $ 500 in gear, and an EP release party.

Regardless of who wins each month, Knoxville's local music fans are locked to win. I especially like the crowd being involved in the judging. As we all know, everyone's a critic.


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